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Disadvantages of Owning a Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool my advantages and disadvantages. If you are to buy a home with a swimming pool or planning to have a pool built in your backyard, you might want to do a little research first. On the other hand, if the home you own already has a pool in it and decides to remove it, companies are everywhere to assist you with Garland pool removal.

Although having a swimming pool may give a lot of benefits, some just forget that there also can be drawbacks in a couple of aspects. And since a lot of people talk only about the advantages, here is a couple of the contrary:

# 1 Danger

If you have a child, an elderly, or a disabled family member, this might not be a great idea. Many cases of drowning happen in private pools due to the lack of lifeguards and swimming accessories. Pets on the same hand may also drown if unattended on pools without proper fences and gates.

You also have to consider the builders of your pool in case you would want one. Improper construction of the pool may result in injuries or may even cause collapsing of the pool itself.

# 2 Cost

Swimming pools may cost you a fortune. Installations in itself may already require you thousands of dollars. Other than that, you would need filters, cleaners, and chemicals to clean your pool. Let’s also include the costs it will get from consuming electricity and water, plus the total maintenance cost.

With cheaper kinds of pools, you would need more time and money in the renovations on your pool. Pools that are lined with vinyl and fiberglass would require more cautious handling due to its fragile nature.

# 3 Health

Pools have a tendency to get unused in time, and because of this, molds and algae may grow if not maintained well. Even your filters, machines, and pumps may grow molds due to its moist nature. These can result in a possible bacterial infestation and may cost you your health.

# 4 Chlorine

Pools require chemicals such as chlorine to filter out bacterias and algae. This substance may have adverse effects on our body if not regulated well. For instance, Skin and eye irritation may result from overchlorinated pools. Drying of skin and asthma may also be a product of chlorine in swimming pools. Also, for chlorine to be active, the pool must have a specific pH and needs testing, thus increasing the total cost.