Advantages of Directional Drilling

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The technology is beneficial because it ensures better accuracy as well as flexibility in placement. It also eliminates the need for expensive digging, closure of roads, and large crews among other complications that arise when installing pipes. The conventional method of pipe installation had many inconveniences associated with it; therefore, directional drilling is the best choice for the project. Here are the merits of directional drilling.


drilling truckA good thing about directional drilling is that it uses tough materials that have a long lifespan. In addition to this, the increased accuracy in placement prevents damages during the installation process. In places like rivers, pipes used to be placed under bridges, and this exposed them to elements that led to their wear and tear. This significantly reduced their lifespan. Directional drilling ensures the opposite happens because it ensures that the pipes and utility are buried hence offering maximum protection.

Quick Installation

This method offers a much faster installation, and this is one of the most obvious benefits. Directional drilling ensures that the work is done much faster as compared to the traditional method where the ground had to be dug down and then across. In addition to that, less dirt is displaced, and that means there will be less of it to bury and dispose of.

Low Costs

Because of how fast this project happens, the costs are significantly reduced. Less dirt is displaced therefore it is cheap to bury and dispose of it. Less workforce will also be required consequently the cost of labor is saved. In addition to this, there will be less equipment needed, and this is another cost reduced. As compared to the conventional method, a lot of money will be saved using directional drilling.

Location Flexibility

truck in the riverDirectional drilling allows for placement of pipes and utilities where there are no obstacles. For instance, if a line is needed under a road, or a river, this type of drilling is flexible to allow that. Places that rendered placement of pipes virtually impossible can now be utilized.

Little Soil Contamination

Directional drilling pushes the soil to the side instead of bringing it to the surface. Therefore, the chances of soil contamination spreading above the ground are reduced. With the other traditional method, contamination was a significant risk, and that was posing a significant danger to the environment.