Understanding the Craft of the Best Artificial Grass


The knowledge and art of artificial grass production have been around since the 1930s. However, it was not until the late 1960s when people and institutions discovered its beauty and benefits. The first patented artificial grass brands came out in the early 70s – sparking the race to produce quality artificial grass. A lot has changed since then as technology has brought down prices without comprising the quality.

Shape Matters

It is not enough to measure up your lawn or the size of the field that you need to be covered up with the artificial grass to place an order. You also have shape issues to consider. The oval shaped synthetic grass gives a soft touch, and its usually able to handle different aspects of wear and tear well especially if used on domestic lawns.

The diamond de-lustered shape is commendable for commercial and residential landscaping. You can opt for the vista fiber with the V-shape if you are looking for a durable turf or you could go for the 3D “W” version to handle massive pressure assertions that may damage the ordinary artificial grass brand that you may find available in your local artificial grass stores. Note that you do not have to confine yourself to a specific brand or type as you can always place an online order and have the best artificial grass delivered to your doorstep fast and reliably.

Quality Specifics

The artificial grass industry has evolved into a fully-fledged industry offering average, top quality synthetic grass and anything in between. To get what you want, you need to be familiar with some of the industry’s terms. The term “denier,” for example, refers to the grass unit of fineness. Subsequently, you need to ask your artificial grass dealer about the denier properties of the synthetic grass you intend to buy.


The higher the denier value, the more you are likely to pay for the artificial grass per square feet. You also need to be conversant with the face weight factor as it also determines the quality of the artificial grass that you may choose.

More Quality Attributes

FAKE GRASSYou are not done checking the quality aspects of the synthetic grass brand that you wish to obtain if you have not checked out its drainage system. Note that while natural grass stands between soils particles that absorb water, artificial grass come with perforations that measure centimeters wide. The holes can be wider or smaller depending on the average rainfall that a specific area experiences in a year.

The idea is to prevent flooding or rapid surface water runoff that may roughen up the grass’ grooming. Note that good drainage system is a positive attribute of the best artificial grass brand because it prevents bacterial build-up among other water-borne diseases that come with poor drainage systems of any kind.